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ILJ Police Management Studies

ILJ has conducted more than 65 comprehensive law enforcement management and operations studies throughout the country. Most of these studies have been performed for locally elected officials and have benefited police chiefs and sheriffs. Comprehensive studies generally last three to four months, with extensive time on site by ILJ staff. Results include detailed recommendations, supported by analytical data, to help agencies improve efficiency and effectiveness of operations; improve the quality of management, morale, and career development; use the latest information and communications technology for analysis, operations, and planning; implement community policing and fear reduction strategies; develop staffing and resource allocation plans; resolve conflicts between management and labor; manage drug investigations and drug enforcement operations; and revise policies and procedures to qualify for accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.
Strategic Planning and Needs Assessment
Community Policing
Management Practices and Information Services
Staffing, Resource Allocation, and Patrol
Organizational Change
Other Policing Issues and Partnership Projects

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