The Woodlands, Texas, Law Enforcement Study

In February 2000, ILJ began a study for The Woodlands Community Services Corporation (WCSC) in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas. The Woodlands is an unincorporated, master planned community whose resident population is expected to grow from 56,000 to 120,000 over the next 10 years. Public safety and law enforcement services are currently provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department (through a combination of assigned and contracted deputies), private security firms, and other arrangements.

Phase I of the study involves (1) conducting a comprehensive assessment of the community and its current law enforcement services, (2) comparing the findings, based on quantitative and qualitative data, with current and anticipated demands for service, and (3) recommending strategies for how best to provide those services. In Phase II, ILJ will (1) assist the WCSC with a decision making process to select among various law enforcement service delivery options, and (2) recommend implementation strategies.