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Please read: The website of was restored from the open website archive as part of an educational IT curriculum project. All rights for content and everything else hosted on this website belongs to the Institute For Law And Justice and its founders. Although this website is currently not under the control of ILJ or its subsidiaries, we do not claim to own any of the content that is hosted on the website, nor do we intend to commercially benefit from hosting it on the internet in any way. 
As part of our experiment, we will keep this website live for at least 3 months as a free educational resource, while paying for hosting & other maintenance costs out of pocket. We will not make any changes to the content hosted on this website, and leave the information as-is for anyone interested in the work of ILJ and its founders to consume as they see fit. We do not intend to monetize this website or its content in any way, or otherwise profit from the work of others. If you’d like to submit a complaint, request, or learn more about the project – feel free to write us at and we will promptly respond. Thank you for reading, we wish you a nice day. 

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