Technology Research

ILJ offers 25 years of experience in evaluating and field testing advanced technologies designed to improve information management in policing, corrections, and court operations. Our work has included criminal justice system modeling, computer assisted dispatch (CAD) and records management system enhancements, and other technology applications in criminal justice.

Representative ILJ technology projects include

  • Design of enterprise-wide communications and information management system improvements, Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia
  • Research on crime analysis and geographic information system (GIS) support for homicide and other violent crime investigations
  • Research on CAD system support for community policing
  • National assessment of information technology (IT) acquisition in law enforcement
  • Assessment of technology to enhance computer crime investigations
  • Criminal justice system modeling software development (CJSSIM)
  • For local and state government, development of computer models to determine the impact and financial cost of decisions about various correctional options

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