Prosecutors Responsibility and Training

  Prosecutor ResponsibilitiesVictim Rights Act


Domestic Violence Training




State Provide Notice of Rights Plea Meeting Required Available Training Provision Laws
Alabama Yes          
Alaska Yes Yes (and before trial Yes     Prosecutor domestic violence duties parallel those for crime victims.
Arizona   Yes   Yes    





California Yes         State grants for special domestic violence units. Plea bargain restrictions in serious cases.
Colorado   Yes       Plea bargaining restrictions.
Connecticut   Yes   Yes  

Prosecutor entry and in-service training required; content unspecified

Delaware   Yes        
Florida   Yes Yes   Victim assistance available Every prosecutor must have special domestic violence unit. Time limits on case investigation (10 days) where no arrest made.
Georgia   Yes       Stalking victim rights act
Hawaii Yes         Assist victim in preparing complaint
Illinois Yes         Inform of case status
Indiana Yes          
Iowa Yes         No referral to mediation as alternative to prosecution
Kansas Yes          
Louisiana   Yes (sentencing also)        
Maine Yes Yes        
Massachusetts Yes         Annual program plan must contain victim services plan
Michigan Yes Yes (opening of trial also)        
Minnesota   Yes       Give notice of no-prosecution decision. Written plan must include vertical prosecution; other content.
Mississippi           May divert once after charges filed. Victim assistance coordinator works with office.
Missouri Yes Yes       DA delivery of victim services with state funding
Nebraska Yes          
New Hampshire            
New Jersey Yes       In-service for dealing with victims available State appointed county coordinator located in prosecutor’s office
New Mexico Yes Yes        
New York Yes     Victim assistance including domestic violence available Victim assistance including sex offenses available Provide information pamphlet
North Carolina Yes Yes        
North Dakota Yes   Entry training from POST      
Ohio Yes Yes (diversion, dismissal also)        
Oklahoma Yes         Victim-witness coordinator may be in office. DA Training Coordination Council established. Victim-witness coordinator receives 12 hours in-service annually
Pennsylvania   Yes        
Rhode Island Yes          
South Carolina Yes Yes        
South Dakota Yes   Entry and in-service every 4 yrs.     Inform victim of decision not to prosecute
Tennessee Yes Yes        
Texas Yes         Prosecutor may file for protective order regardless of case prosecution
Utah yes         Inform of decision to prosecute. City attorney may prosecute misdemeanors
Vermont Yes         Assist victim advocates
Virginia Yes          
Washington       POST curriculum by July 1998   Inform within 5 days of decision to prosecute for violation of no-contact order; if none, inform of how to initiate prosecution
West Virginia Yes Yes (in serious cases)        
Wisconsin Yes         Local prosecutors must have written policies favoring prosecution
Wyoming Yes Yes        

Last Updated on 7/1/97
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