Training and Technical Assistance for Operation Weed and Seed

ILJ is coordinating all training and technical assistance for the national Weed and Seed initiative, Community Capacity Development Office, U.S. Department of Justice. Weed and Seed grantees target violent and drug-related crime in specific neighborhoods; implement community policing strategies; and bring in human services and other resources to revitalize neighborhoods and improve residentsí quality of life. There are now over 300 jurisdictions designated as Weed and Seed sites. ILJ establishes mechanisms to support the Weed and Seed technical assistance, electronic communications, Internet website, conferencing for the sites, online resources and expertsí files, and follow-up to ensure satisfaction.

ILJ has also developed and delivered training curricula in community policing, community mobilization and empowerment, implementing safe havens, firearms abatement initiatives, and evaluating programs. In addition, ILJ staff helped draft the Weed and Seed Operations Manual