Altamonte Springs, Florida, Police Department

  2. Baltimore County Maryland Police Department
    Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Technology
  3. California Department of Justice
    CAL/GANG Intranet
  4. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
    Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping
  5. El Dorado, California, Sheriff’s Department
    Records Management System
  6. Golden, Colorado, Police Department
  7. Jacksonville, Florida, Sheriff’s Department
    Intranet Technology
  8. Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
    Criminal Justice Information System
  9. Malden, Massachusetts
    Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis
  10. Monroe County Florida
    Wireless Mobile Data Communication System
  11. North Miami Beach, Florida
    Computer Aided Dispatch Records Management System
  12. Overland Park, Kansas
    Crime Analysis and Mapping Technology
  13. Pierce County/Tacoma, Washington
    Core Management Information System
  14. Seattle, Washington
    Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping