COPS MORE Grant Effectiveness

ILJ is evaluating outcomes created as a result of technologies funded under the COPS MORE (Making Officer Redeployment Effective) 2002 program. A series of surveys will document efficiencies and increased effectiveness created as a result of the MORE 2002 program. Further, ILJ examines the enabling impacts of the grants: new capabilities grantees received as a result of the technologies (e.g., identification of ‘hot spots’ of crime as a result of an AFRS database and AFIS system fingerprint search capabilities).
Initially, grantees will provide information on technologies covered under the grant; current status of implementation; reasons for acquiring new technology; data on redeployed officers; impact on departmental operations, communication, and community policing; and other performance measures. Next, ILJ will implement a tracking system to follow the grantee’s implementation efforts over a 12-month period, study five successful grantees in depth, and report on selected grantees’ experiences. Finally, ILJ plans a follow-up telephone survey of all 295 grantees approximately 12 months after the first survey. By then, most agencies will have implemented the technologies and will be able to provide detailed information on successful results. ILJ’s report will offer results from both surveys and the tracking system and will produce a guidebook to assist law enforcement agencies to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and enabling-benefits with technologies.

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