Kissimmee Police Department Staffing Study

In December 2003, the city of Kissimmee, Florida, contracted with ILJ to conduct a staffing study of sworn officers and non-sworn community service officers in the Kissimmee Police Department. Kissimmee, located outside of Orlando, is a rapidly growing city of 50,000. Since 1990, the proportion of Latino residents has increased from approximately 10 percent to over 50 percent. The department currently has 109 sworn officers.

Working with the police department, ILJ will develop staffing standards that will assist in future decisionmaking. Emphasis will be placed on determining how much time officers should use to respond to citizen calls and how much for engaging in self-initiated problem-solving activities. The study looks at how the department can fully staff non-sworn positions in the field. ILJ will analyze calls for service, staffing schedules, beat boundaries, and turnover; will interview officers from all ranks, crime analysts, and city officials; and will make observations of officers patrolling in the field.

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