Westchase District Public Safety Evaluation

The Westchase District, a municipal management district in Houston, Texas, contracted with ILJ to evaluate the district’s public safety portfolio, aiming to (1) evaluate current public safety contracts and resource allocation, (2) review and analyze crime trends and available data, (3) examine district stakeholders’ perceptions of crime and safety, and (4) develop an action plan for targeting current public safety issues, recommending methods of addressing problems proactively.

In the final report and presentation to the Westchase Board of Directors, ILJ has recommended establishing a public safety manager position, who would coordinate contract officers’ activities, communicate with area law enforcement and district stakeholders, analyze crime data, and assign contract officers to problem areas during times of increased offending. The strategy emphasizes a customer-service orientation for contract officers, reworking deployment schedules, conducting training with security and business managers on subjects important to the district, improving public safety marketing, and working to obtain address data provided by district law enforcement agencies.

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