State Police Domestic Violence Training Laws

State Recruit Domestic Violence Training Required In-Service Domestic Violence Training Required Related Training Written Policies
Alabama No No None None
Alaska Yes: 12 hours [f1] Ambiguous Sexual Assault None
Arizona No No None None
Arkansas No No None None
California Yes [f2] State assistance available to local agencies Sexual Assault Yes; also guidelines for dispatchers
Colorado No Ambiguous None None
Connecticut Yes: 2 hours [f3] Yes; 2 hours of 40 hours every 3 years None Local written arrest policies
Delaware No No None None
District of Columbia Yes [f4] No None  
Florida Yes: 6 hours [f5] Yes Violence Prevention: 4 hours entry in victim assistance State issued uniform arrest policies rule
Georgia Guidelines for state-funded Yes Guidelines for state-funded Yes None None
Hawaii No No None None
Idaho Yes [f6] No None Local guide-lines for verification of orders
Illinois Yes [f7] Ambiguous None None
Indiana No [f8] Yes: 16 hours/year None None
Iowa Yes No None None
Kansas No No None Local written policies and procedures
Kentucky Yes [f9] Yes: every 2 years None Justice Cabinet model policies and procedures for law enforcement agencies; annually file policy manual
Louisiana No No None None
Maine No No Harassment Written policies and procedures must match POST standards
Maryland No No Rape and sex offenses None
Massachusetts Yes [f10] Available Sexual Assault Local written policies and procedures
Michigan Yes No None Local written policies and procedures
Minnesota Yes: 3 hours No Crimes of violence, include stalking [f11] Local written policies and procedures; State model arrest policy
Mississippi No No None None
Missouri Yes: 30 hours [f12] No None None
Montana No No None None
Nebraska Yes [f13] Ambiguous None None
Nevada Yes No Victims’ rights None
New Hampshire No No Dealing with intoxicated persons Model protocol for hospital in rape and domestic violence cases
New Jersey Yes [f14]   Victim needs; in-service available for special units AG standards for crime victim duties; protocol for sex crime victims; local policies for order verification
New Mexico No No Sexual Assault None
New York Yes[f15] No None State police written policies and procedures[f16]. Model county policy for coordination and best practices by police and other agencies
North Carolina No No None None
North Dakota No No None Local guidelines for arrest procedures, investigations and victim assistance
Ohio Yes: 15 hour minimum [f17] Available Rape interviews, 6 hour minimum Local written policies and procedures; state form for domestic violence reporting sent to state
Oklahoma Yes   Crisis intervention None
Oregon Yes No None POST annual report on domestic abuse training
Pennsylvania Yes No None Local written policies
Rhode Island Yes: 8 hours [f18] Yes; 4 hours None Attorney General Model Policy; local copies
South Carolina No No None None
South Dakota Yes: 4 hours [f19] Yes: every 4 years none Local policies: full scope of duties
Tennessee No No None Local written policies
Texas Yes [f20] Yes: 40 hours/2 years total Sexual assault available Crime victim clearinghouse standards; local policies on order verification and other procedures
Utah No No None None
Vermont No No None Local written policies
Virginia Yes Ambiguous In-service for dispatcher POST model and local: arrest and related policies, include transportation
Washington Yes: 20 hours [f20] Available [f22] Sexual Assault available None
West Virginia Yes If without entry training None Governor’s Commission policies for locals
Wisconsin Yes [f23] No None Local written policies
Wyoming Yes: 12 hours [f24] 8 hours if without basic training None None

Last Updated on 6/30/97
By Institute for Law and Justice