Stalking Laws II: Harrassments and Threats

State Harassment Threats and Menacing Telephone Threats or Harassment Other
Alabama Misdemeanor   Misdemeanor  

B Misdemanor


B Misdemeanor

Arizona Misdemeanor Misdemeanor

Misdemeanor 1



D felony orA misdemeanor


Letter threat, C misdemeanor

California   Misdemeanor Misdemeanor; Violation of order has 1 year penalty  
Colorado Class 3 misdemeanor class 3 misdemeanor; with weapon is felony 5


Connecticut D felony A misdemeanor C misdemeanor

Letter threat, C misdemeanor

Delaware G felony orB misdemeanor Felony ormisdemeanor    
District of Columbia   Misdemeanor    

Felony 2

Misdemeanor 2 Threatening letter is felony 2; harassing minor under age 16 is felony 3
Georgia   Felony Misdemeanor  
Hawaii Misdemeanor C felony    
Idaho     Misdemeanor; 2nd is felony  

C felony

Class 3 or 4 felony

Letter threat, C felony

Indiana   A misdemeanor B misdemeanor

Letter threat is B misdemeanor; harass by computer is B misdemeanor

Iowa Misdemeanor   Misdemeanor

Letter threat,  C felony

Kansas   Class 9 felony

A Misdemeanor

Threat by fax, A misdemeanor

State Harassment Threats and Menacing Telephone Threats or Harassment Other
Kentucky   B Misdemeanor B Misdemeanor

Letter threat is B misdemeanor

Louisiana   Felony

Misdemeanor, 2d is felony

Maine Class C crime Class C or D crimeMisdemeanor

Class E crime

Maryland Misdemeanor Felony Misdemeanor (3 year maximum) Threatening letter is felony


Misdemeanor (Intimidation)

Stalking by e-mail or fax is felony



Letter threat is  misdemeanor

Minnesota Violation of civil protection order is misdemeanor

Felony or misdemeanor

Mississippi       Threatening by letter is misdemeanor
Missouri A misdemeanor B misdemeanor; 2nd is A A

Letter threat is A misdemeanor

Montana   Felony (Intimidation)

Misdemeanor; 3d is felony

Nebraska   Class 4 felony    
Nevada MisdemeanorProtective order Violation of temp order is misdemeanor, of permanent order is felony   Misdemeanor Threatening by letter is misdemeanor
New Hampshire Misdemeanor Misdemeanor    
New Jersey 4trh degree crime 3rd degree crime    
New Mexico Misdemeanor   Misdemeanor; 2nd is felony 4  
New York A misdemeanor E felony or misdemeanor; 2nd is 10 yr. sentence max.    
North Carolina   Misdemeanor 1 Misdemeanor 1  
North Dakota   C felony orA misdemeanor (menacing) A misdemeanor Disorderly conduct protective order
Ohio   Misdemeanor 1 or misdemeanor 4 Misdemeanor 1; 2nd is felony 5 Aggravated trespassing with intent to harm is misdemeanor 1
Oklahoma     Misdemeanor Threatening letter is misdemeanor
Oregon   B misdemeanor B misdemeanor  
Pennsylvania Summary offense      
Rhode Island Felony      
South Carolina MisdemeanorProtective orderViolation is misdemeanor   Misdemeanor  
South Dakota   Misdemeanor 1    
Tennessee   A misdemeanor    
Texas B misdemeanor B misdemeanor    
Utah   B misdemeanor    
Vermont   Misdemeanor    
Virginia       Letter threat is felony 6
Washington Gross misdemeanor; 2nd is C felony   Gross misdemeanor; 2nd is C felony Harassment or telephoneHarassment with threat to kill is C felonyViolation of anti-harassment order is C felony
West Virginia     Misdemeanor  
Wisconsin Class A misdemeanor; 2nd is E felony   B misdemeanor  
Wyoming     Misdemeanor  

Last Updated on 7/1/97
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