1998 Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Sexual Assault Legislation

State by State Analysis of 1998 Legislation


State Act/Bill Code Section Description
Alabama Ch. 489 15-20-21 et seq. Amends provisions establishing sex offender registration requirements
Alaska Act 86 11.56.750 Adds section making unlawful contact in violation of criminal court order a Class A misdemeanor.
    11,56.755 Adds section making it a crime for arrestee to contact domestic violence victim
    12.55.135 (g), (h) Adds new subsections providing minimum sentences for repeat domestic violence offenders
  Act 106 11.56 Amends sexual offender registration law
  Act 81 12.55.025(h), .155(c)(18)

12.63.020(a), .100(3)

Amends sentencing law provisions relating to sex offenders and domestic abusers

Amends sex offender registration law

Arizona Ch. 37 13-2921.01 New provision adding aggravated harassment where harassment occurs and either a court order is in effect or person has a prior domestic violence offense; felony 6 crime
    13-2923 Increased penalty for stalking from class 4 to class 3 felony and expanded types of threats covered by law
    13-2921 Expanded types of behavior covered by harassment law
    13-03601(M) Deletes requirement for prosecutor approval for court to divert without guilty finding offenders charged with a probation-eligible domestic violence offense
  Ch. 289 13-3601 Limits definition of domestic violence to exclude same sex partners
    41-1750 Provides for fingerprinting and central record keeping for persons arrested for domestic violence
  Ch. 303 13-711 Increased penalties authorized for domestic violence against pregnant victim
    13-3501 (N) Provides for warning notice to defendants given diversion that they may be incarcerated for violation
    13-3501.01(B) Authorizes incarceration as condition of probation for 2nd domestic violence conviction.
    13-03601.02 (A), (F) Classifies third domestic violence offense within 5 years as Class 5 felony aggravated domestic violence and mandates minimum 4 month jail term; for fourth offense, 8 month minimum jail term
    43-617 Establishes voluntary tax refund contribution plan for contributions to domestic violence shelter fund
  Ch. 294 12-1809, 13-3602 Authorizes harassment injunction against juvenile defendant and extends period in which order is effective from 6 months to 1 year
    13-3601(A)(2) Extends definition of victim of domestic violence to grandparents, grand children, parent-in law etc.
    13-3602(R) Provides for full faith and credit to out-of-state protection orders
  Ch. 291 13-3821 Amends provisions governing sexual offender registration requirements
    13-3827 Establishes web site for listing offenders classified as risk assessment levels 2 or 3
    31-281 Expands list of sex offenders required to provide DNA sample to include attempts
  Ch. 281 13-1401 Revises definition of mental disorder as denoting incapacity to give consent to sexual contact
    13-1406 (B) (C) (D) Adds 3 years to presumptive sentence for rape where date rape drug used; requires consecutive sentencing for all sexual assault charges; provides for life imprisonment where serious physical injury resulted
    13-1421 Adds new section establishing qualified bar to evidence of victims past sexual conduct
    13-3401 (6)(c)(xxiv) Adds gamma hydroxy butyrate to list of dangerous drugs due to depressant effect on nervous system
  Ch. 136 36-3701 et seq. Providing for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
  Ch. 151 8-347 Adds provision requiring notification of schools that attendee has been found delinquent in committing sex offense
  Ch. 111 13-914, 13-3601 Authorizes court to order intensive probation under domestic violence sentencing law
Arkansas Not in Session    
California Ch. 19 Welfare and Institutions Code 6601.3 et al. Reinacts expiring law authorizing Board of Prison Terms to seek emergency order to place sexually violent predators eligible for release in civil commitment for treatment and adds requirement for notice to local law enforcement for hearing on recommendations for community treatment release
  Ch. 55 Penal Code 1202.1 Applies HIV testing requirement to offenders convicted of statutory rape
  Ch. 187 Family Code 6380 Requires transmission to police information system within one business day after issuance of criminal court protective orders
  Ch. 127 Evidence Code 1103 Conditionally excludes evidence on rape victim dress except at time offense committed
  Ch. 182 Penal Code 836 Expands category of persons covered by domestic violence assault definition for purposes of officer arrest without warrant
  Ch. 456 Penal Code 264.2(b)(4) Authorizes the exclusion from medical exam of a rape victim, a support person for the victim where that person's presence would be detrimental to exam purposes
    Penal Code 679.04 Authorizes police or district attorney to exclude victim advocate or other support person from interviews with victim of rape
  Ch. 696 Penal code
Extends class of defendants required to provide DNA sample submission, including persons convicted of felony spousal abuse and makes failure to provide specimen a misdemeanor.
  Ch. 698 Penal Code 264.2 Adds to list of victims who are required to be given "Victims of Domestic Violence" card by police
    Penal Code 13701 Provides that mandatory police policies and procedures include provision for Victim of Domestic Violence card that includes the statement that domestic violence is a crime
  Ch. 701 Penal Code 13519 Required training on domestic violence must include training on recognizing the signs of domestic violence
  Ch. 701 Penal Code 13701 Requires that police officers responding to domestic violence call provide transportation to medical treatment facility and assist with removal of personal property, as required
  Ch. 702 Family Code 6380(g) Provides that Judicial Council informational packet on civil protective orders include information about Full Faith and Credit
    Family Code 6380(b) Provides for registration through court of out-of-state protective orders
    Family Code 6380.5 Deletes requirement that out-of-state order be entered into Registry before being enforced and substitutes requirement for court registration and entry into Registry
  Ch. 702 Penal Code 13701 Mandatory arrest policies for violation of protective order apply to out-of-state orders
  Ch. 707 Evidence Code 1109 Amends provisions requiring discovery disclosure of testimony about defendant's prior domestic violence acts to be in compliance with general discovery rules
    Family Code 6380 Requires county electronic transmission of protective order information to state to include information about firearm possession ownership or possession limitations
    Penal Code 1203.097 Provides that funds coming from defendant payments be put into newly created separate funds for restraining order county reimbursement and for state domestic violence training and education
  Ch. 825 Penal Code 696.9, 422, 653m Extends definition of "credible threat" to include electronic communications for purposes of stalking and related laws.
Colorado HB 1156 16-13-801 et seq; 16-11.7-103; 18-1-105, 16-11-309, 17-2-20117-22.5-403 Provides for lifetime supervision of sex offenders from indeterminate sentencing, intensive supervision parole, intensive supervision probation; establishes sex offender management board; sets mandatory sentences
  HB 1272 18-6-803.6 Specifies that mandatory arrest for domestic violence requirement does not require dual arrests and requires probable cause
  HB 1179 18-6-803.5, 803.8 Provides for full faith and credit to out-of-state protection orders and requires that Colorado orders state that it is to be accorded full faith and credit
  HB 1177 13-1-136 Requires state court administrator to develop set of uniform forms for all civil restraining orders
  HB 1177 18-3-412.5 Amends sex offender registration law
    16-11.7-102, 103 Amends sex offender management board law
  HB 1004 18-6-805 Extends repeal date of General Assembly review of agencies regulating or certifying domestic violence treatment providers
Connecticut Act 98-15 53a-40e (a) Adds stalking crimes to list of offenses for which court may issue criminal restraining order following conviction
  Act 111 New Establishing requirement for registration of sexual offenders
  Act 135 New Requiring office of Adult Probation to develop community response education program for neighborhoods notified pursuant to sex registration law
  Act 2 54-102j Makes technical amendment to law authorizing dissemination of DNA testing results
  Act 24 19a-112a(d) Authorizes local police to send rape evidence collected by hospitals to FBI laboratory
Delaware None    
District of Columbia Acts 12-317, 12-365 24-1116 Provides absolute immunity for good faith acts by District employees under the sexual offender registration act.
  Acts 12-367, 12-386 24-1110 Amends requirement for notice of change of address under sexual offender registration act
  Acts 12-427 24-1117(c) Adds provision providing for increased authority to court in obtaining expert assistance for making determinations under sexual offender registration act
Florida Ch 81 775.21, 943.0435, 944.607 Amends provisions of sexual predator act expanding registration and community notice requirements; mandated fingerprinting by court where incarceration not ordered; address verification system shall be consistent with federal standards
  775.24 Prohibits court from accepting plea agreements exempting offenders from operation of sex predator acts registration requirement
943.043 Authorizes use of the Internet to notify public of nonconfidential sexual predator information
    943.325 Amends offender DNA sample requirement provisions to prohibit release after conviction until sample drawn; statewide protocol development required; court order authorized where sample not taken
    944.605 Digitalized photograph of sexual offenders to be taken
  Ch. 64 916.30 et seq Providing for involuntary civil commitment for sexually violent predators
  Ch. 404 741.465 Creating address confidentiality program for domestic violence victims
  Ch. 405 741.401 et seq Creating address confidentiality program for domestic violence victims
  Ch. 284 790.233; 741.30; 741.31(4)(b)(1) Prohibiting persons subject to domestic violence protective order from possessing firearms; protective orders must on their face indicate prohibition; violation 1s misdemeanor 1
    790.06 (2) (k) Provides for firearm license denial for persons convicted of domestic violence in past 3 years or under court order
Georgia Act 865 16-5-90, 91 Amend stalking law definition by substituting term safety for fear of death or bodily harm and adds requirement for pattern of harassing and intimidating behavior Further provides that court at sentencing may order psychological evaluation of offender, to issue a permanent restraining order, and to require treatment as a condition of nonincarcerative sentence
  Act 828 42-1-12 Amends sexually violent predator registration law to require registration with local sheriff, rather than state, who shall be responsible for enforcement and follow-up Sheriff may post list of registered offenders and make it available to local schools
  Act 783 16-10-24.3 Creates new misdemeanor crime of interfering with 911 call
Hawaii HB 2666 586-4 (c) Provides for fines for violation of temporary restraining orders and payment into spouse and child abuse special account
    706-623 (c) Extends maximum probation period for domestic violence from 1 to 2 years
    709-906 (1) (6) (7) Expands definition of family or household member; requires defendant to be immediately incarcerated after conviction to serve minimum sentence, but allows court to stay sentence in special circumstances; provides that 2nd domestic violence conviction within 2 years is C felony
  HB 2786 846E-2 et seq. Amends sex registration law by adding increased registration information and other technical amendments
  SB 1273 325-New Adds authorization for mandatory HIV testing of offenders convicted of sexual assault at victim request
Idaho Ch. 309 18-918. Adds provision that penalties for domestic violence are doubled when committed in presence of child under age 16.
  Ch. 411 18-8301 et seq. Adds new chapter for sexual offender registration, replacing old law
Illinois Act 668 720 ILCS 5/9-1 (b) (18) Authorizes death penalty for first degree murder where victim was protected by court order
  Act 590 705 ILCS 405/5-710 (9) Authorizes HIV testing of sentenced juveniles
  Act 793 20 ILCS 2605/55a (36) Authorizes Department of Public Safety to evaluate sexually violent persons under civil commitment law
Illinois continued   720 ILCS 5/31-6 (b-1) Makes escape from civil commitment a felony
    725 ILCS 207/90 Provides that civilly committed sex offenders are liable for costs of service
  Act 680 730 ILCS 5/5-5-3 Requires imposition of mandatory minimum sentence in sex cases
  Act 732 720 ILCS 5/12-30, 725 ILCS 5/112A-23 Makes violation of foreign protective order a crime under state law
  Act 734 720 ILCS 5/12-3.2 Provides that conviction for domestic battery is a felony where there is a prior order violation conviction
  Act 734 720 ILCS 5/12-30 Provides that conviction for order violation is a felony where defendant has been previously convicted of domestic battery
Indiana P.L. 31 35-38-1-7.1 (b) (12) Adds provision authorizing court to consider as aggravating factors at sentencing whether defendant administered to victim a sedating drug
    35-42-4-1 (b) et seq. Adds enhancement provisions for rape and other sex crimes involving use of a drug
    New provision Requires that state protocol for forensic and medical examination of sex offense victims include information about date rape drugs and offer of testing
  P.L. 108 10-1-9-10 Expands DNA sample requirement to persons convicted of offense similar to that described in Indiana Code but convicted before latest revision in 1977
  P.L. 71 35-38-1-10.5; 35-38-1-10.7 Provides discretion for court after hearing to order HIV testing at written request by victim of sex crime without finding of guilty
  P.L. 56 5-2-12-4 (2); 5-2-12-7, 5-2-12-8.5; 35-38-1-7.5 Adds kidnapping or confinement of minor to offenses requiring offender registration; requirement that department of corrections notify state police information about released offenders required to register as sexually violent predator and that local law enforcement agencies verify offenders current address; continues registration requirement for court determined sexually violent predators for indefinite period until court finds no longer needed in lieu of prior requirement limiting registration for 10 years
Iowa SF 2373
West's No. 22
692.22 Adds requirement that local agencies collect information about stalking offenses and report to state
    708.11 (3)(b)(1) Rewrites offense of stalking in violation of court order
    910A.11A Adds provision requiring magistrate to issue protective no-contact order at arraignment for harassment or stalking where magistrate finds probable cause to believe crime committed and that exists; upon conviction order to be modified and extended for 5 years with 5 year renewal; order to be entered into law enforcement system for protective orders; mandatory arrest upon probable cause for violation of order; punished by contempt with minimum 7 day sentence without suspension
  SF 2292
West's No. 172
692A.1 et seq. Amends sexual offender registration law; authorize public dissemination and for electronic access for offenders classified as "at-risk;" special provision for waiver under 42 USC 14071 (f)
  HF 2369
West's No. 89
141.23; 709B.1, B.2 Provides for mandatory HIV testing of persons charged with sexual assault
  SF 2398
west's No. 165
229A.1 et seq. Provides for involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent predators
    901A.2 Provides for increased penalties for sex offender recidivists
    903B.1 Requires hormonal intervention treatment therapy for specified convicted sex offenders
  HF 2527
West's No. 92
915.20A Creates victim counselor privilege
    915.41 Provides that costs of medical examinations for purposes of gathering evidence and treatment shall be paid by compensation fund
    915.42, .43 Victim has right for HIV testing of convicted defendant
    915.44 Provides that polygraph testing of alleged victims may not be required
    915.50 Provides for rights of victims of domestic violence includes right to file pro se petition for relief and to have law enforcement assist victim in leaving scene, transport victim to medical care and provide victim with written information about rights and help resources
  HF 2369
West's No. 89
141.23 Authorizes testing of alleged sex offenders and use of test findings in prosecution
    709B.2 Sets out procedures for HIV testing of alleged sex offenders
    709C.1 Makes it a crime for person with HIV to knowlingly engage in intimate contact with another and like acts
  HF 2402
West's No. 61
713.3 Increases penalties for burglary where burglar commits sexual assault
Kansas SB 671 New; 59-29a08 et seq. Amending civil commitment law for sexually violent predators, providing for a transitional release period from commitment
Kentucky SB 264 12. New Creates Governors Office of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services to coordinate funding and legislative efforts, provide training and consultation, develop standards of care for victim and offender services, undertake research, undertake new innovative initiatives for victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.
  HB 132 194A. New Requires Secretary for Health Services to develop training courses on domestic violence for health professionals and specifies content. All licensed health professionals shall complete 3 hour training by June 30, 2023
    194B. New Requires Secretary for Families and Children to develop domestic violence training and continuing education courses for employees of Department of Social Services. All supervisory and direct service personnel shall complete initial training and continuing education courses every 2 years. The Secretary shall also issue regulations for training requirements for staff agencies providing protective shelter services
  HB 455 17.510 et seq. Amends sex offender registration laws; provides that high risk sex offenders shall remain registered for their lifetime unless redesignated; creates Sex Offender Risk assessment Advisory Board
Louisiana None    
Maine Ch. 608 25 MRSA 1574 (1), (4) Rewrites requirement for DNA sample submission and adds crimes to list of covered offenses
Maryland Ch. 130 Health Occupations Article 1-212 Adds requirement that health occupation boards establish regulations for disciplining professional sexual misconduct, including sexual behavior with a clients
  Ch.557 Article 27 464G Makes a misdemeanor crime for correctional employee to have sex with an inmate; 3 year maximum penalty
  Ch.521 Article 27 792(a) Amends sex offender registration law to include persons convicted in another state
  Ch. 685 Family Law Code 4-509 Increases penalties for violation of protective order
  Ch 473 Article 27 792 Providing technical amendments to sex offender registration law
Massachusetts Ch. 232 Ch. 94C 31 Adds date rape drugs to regulated drugs list
    Ch. 272 3 Adds new crime of use of date rape drug

Through Act 334 (in session)

Act 319 333.7218 (1) Adds date rape drug to controlled substances listing
Minnesota Ch. 396 241.67, 244.052 Amends sexual offender registration law provisions relating to risk assessment
    No code reference Requires study of to what extent confidentiality should be provided to statements made by sex offenders in course of treatment
  Ch. 367 243.166 Adds to the listing of crimes for which sex offender registration required.
    244.05 Requires commissioner to notify county attorney of pending release within 12 (was 6 months) months of inmates for whom civil commitment may be sought
    609.3461 Adds offenses for which DNA sample required
    No code reference ( 15) Calls for study of how Minnesota and other states are dealing with sexually dangerous persons
    518B.01 Technical amendments to provisions for civil protection order filing
    609.2244 Expands requirement for presentence domestic abuse investigation to cases involving violation of protective order
    634.20 Expands scope of evidence law to permit introduction of prior conduct to include evidence of violation against other household member
    No statutory cite ( 12) Increases penalties for juvenile respondent who violates protective order
    609.108 Increased penalties for offenders convicted of crimes motivated by sexual impulses or part of pattern of behavior with criminal sexual conduct as goal., danger to public safety, and offender needs long-term treatment beyond presumptive sentence inder guidelines
    609.109 Mandatory minimum sentences for repeat sexual offenders
Mississippi Ch. 358 45-33-1 Revises provisions governing sex offender registration.
    45-33-17 Authorizes release of registrant information to any person upon request
  Ch. 549 97-3-65 Revises criminal code definition and penalties for statutory rape
  Ch. 525 97-3-7 (3) Adds the crime of domestic violence assault and provides that 3rd simple assault under this provision is a felony with sentence of 5 to 20 years. Suspended sentences require condition of defendant participation in counseling
Missouri HB 1918 566.023 Repeals law providing that marriage is an affirmative defense to sexual assault and deviate sexual assault
    455.540, .545 Requires law enforcement agencies to report homicides that are domestic violence related to state; annual report required
    565.070.1 (4) Third conviction for assault in 3rd degree is Class D felony
    New Defines domestic assault offense as assault in first or second degree against family or household member, a persistent domestic violence offender as having 2 or more offenses within past 10 years, and prior domestic violence offender as having 1 prior in past 5 years. Sets minimum sentence of 6 months imprisonment where indictment alleges persistent or prior offender and proof shown
  HB 1779 566.030 (1), .060 (1) Adds provision to rape and sodomy laws including use of date rape drugs
  HB 1405, 1109, 1335
West's No. 106
589.400 et seq. Amends civil commitment laws for sex offenders
Montana Not in Session    
Nebraska Bill 204 29-4009; 29-4013 Authorizes public dissemination of information under Sex Offender Registration Act per risk assessment determinations
  Bill 218 28-311.02 Expands definition of stalking
    New Authorizes anti-harassment protection order, warrantless arrest for order violation; provides full faith and credit to foreign anti-harassment orders; violation of order is Class II misdemeanor
    29-2262 Deletes requirement that court order mandatory counseling for offenders convicted of domestic assault
    42-903 Removes authorization for anti-harassment order from Protection from Domestic Abuse Act; specifies type of relief to be granted; provides that second violation of the same order is felony
    49-928 Provides for full faith and credit to foreign protective orders
Nevada Not in Session    
New Hampshire

In Recess

Ch. 359 318-B:1-c; 318-B:26 (I)(6)

173-C:1 (I), (VI)

Prohibits possession or use of date rape drugs
  Ch. 345 Ch. 345 Makes confidential communications between sexual assault and stalking victims and crime counselors
  Ch. 240 632-A:1 Expands prohibition against therapist or medical practitioner sexual relations with patient/client for one year post termination of relationship
    632-A:10-a Adds sentencing alternative of lifetime supervision for conviction of aggravated felonious sexual assault
  Ch. 239 651-B:7 Requires state police to maintain list of persons required to be registered as criminal offenders; information to be available to public
  Ch. 07 632-A:10-a Authorizes lifetime supervision sentence for persons convicted of aggravated felonious sexual assault
New Jersey Act 10 2C:12-10 (e) Increases penalty for stalking to crime of 3rd degree if stalking occurred while offender was incarcerated or on probation or parole
  Ch. 17 2C:33-4(e) Increases penalties for harassment to crime of 4th degree if harassment occurred while offender was incarcerated or on probation or parole
  Ch. 71 30:4-27.24 et seq Provides for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
  Ch. 72 2C:47-1 et seq Transfers authority from Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center to Department of Corrections in administering civil commitment examinations and adds provisions to implement Sexually Violent Predator Act (Ch. 71)
  Ch. 73 2C:47-5 Amend provisions for parole of sex offenders from state's correctional treatment facility to limit eligibility and creates new procedures for parole revocation
    2C:33-4 (e) Increases penalties for harassment to crime of 4th degree if harassment occurred while offender was incarcerated or on probation or parole
New Mexico None    
New York

Through Ch 88

In Recess

North Carolina

In Session

North Dakota Not in Session    

In Session, until 12/98

HB 302 2903.214 Authorizes issuance of civil anti-stalking protection order
  HB 526 2151.315, 2901.07 Extends offenses conviction for which adjudicated child or convicted defendant must provide DNA specimen
  File 226 2903.211, 2917.21 Amends repeat stalking and telephone harassment laws making second conviction a felony by removing limitation that crime be against same person
Oklahoma Ch. 347 57 OS 582 Amend sex offenders registration law relating to covered offenses
    57 OS 584 Authorizes photographs be taken at time of sex offender registration; establishes authority for other agencies to notify local district attorney of registration noncompliance; and authorizes Internet access to registration database
  Ch. 329 70 OS 3311 (J), (K)(2) Provides for police officer license suspension upon conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence offense
Oregon Not in Session    

(through Act 91)

In Recess; until 12/98

Act 36 23 Pa CS section 6114 Juvenile charged with violation of protective order shall be treated as delinquent child
  Act 70 18 Pa CS section 6111 (B)(7) Adds authority for state police to investigate whether misdemeanor conviction for assault involved domestic violence as part of application for firearm license check, notwithstanding instantaneous check process
Rhode Island Ch. 76, 421 12-29-4 Authorizes bail commissioner to issue no-contact order against persons charged with domestic violence
Rhode Island continued Ch. 384 12-29-8.1 Requires that all domestic violence and sexual assault protective orders be filed with state BCI
  Ch. 381 11-37-13.3 Requires police responding to sexual assault call to fill out sexual assault report and forward reports to state court domestic violence training and monitoring unit
    12-1.5-1 et seq  
  Ch. 33, Ch. 120 Ch. 33, Ch. 120 Establishes DNA databank and database
South Carolina Act 312 20-4-140, 16-25-50 Provides for full faith and credit to out-of-state protective orders
  Act 270 20-4-70 Amends law setting time duration for order of protection
  Act 384 23-3-400 et seq Amends sexual offender registration requirement to include juveniles convicted of sex offense
  Act 321 44-48-10 et seq Provides for civil commitment of sexually violent predators
    44-53-370, 16-1-90 Makes criminal the sale of date rape drugs
  Act 372 16-3-652 Makes use of date rape drugs a felony
South Dakota SB 138 23A-3-2.1 Amends warrantless arrest law to exclude the use of reasonable force by parent or teacher in correcting a child
  SB 37 22-22-37 Provides penalty for failure to register under sex offender registration law
  HB 1193 22-22-32 Requiring information about type of crime committed and dates of crime and of conviction be disclosed on the sex offender registry
Tennessee Ch. 970 41-21-235(b) Amend provision authorizing consideration of batterer treatment program completion at parole hearings
  Ch. 945 38-12-110 Authorizes promulgation of regulations for batterer intervention programs
  Ch. 1028 40-35-new Amends DNA sample submission requirements
  Ch. 1034 39-13-527 Amends law making it sexual battery for authority figure to have sexual contact with victim
  Ch. 1068 39-13-507 Creates new crime of aggravated spousal rape as Class B felony
Texas Not in Session    

(Through Ch. 418)

Ch. 252 76-5-406 (12) Adds to circumstances for sexual offense without victim consent, sexual relations with health professional or religious counselor
  Ch. 392 77-27-21.5 Deletes former limits on dissemination to public of sex registration information
  Ch. 187 53-5-209 Authorizes inclusion of protective order information on state warrant system
    53-5-704 Permits to carry concealed firearms may be issued only to those authorized under state and federal law
Vermont Act 160 20 V.S.A. 1931 et seq Adds authorization for DNA database for collection and analysis of DNA samples provided by offenders convicted of violent crimes
Virginia S 208 16.1-299.1; 19.2-310.2 et seq. Language amendments to DNA sample requirements.
  Ch. 684 16.1-253.1 et seq. Amends provisions authoring civil protection orders
    19.2-152.8 et seq. Amends language authorizing stalking protective order
  Ch. 569 18.2-60.4 Makes violation of a stalking protection order a Class 1 misdemeanor; amends stalking protection order authorization (See Ch. 684)
    19.2-81.3 Authorizes arrest without warrant for alleged violation of court protective order under 18.2-60.4
    18.2-308.1:4 Prohibits purchase or transportation of firearm by person subject to stalking protective order under 19.2-152.8 et seq.
  Ch. 570 18.2-60.3 Increases penalty for stalking from misdemeanor 2 to misdemeanor 1 and deletes former misdemeanor I enhanced penalties for stalking in violation of court order and second stalking conviction to misdemeanor 1
  Ch. 834 &

Ch. 785

19.2-298.1 et seq Removes restrictions on dissemination of registry information to the public and requires that State Police develop Internet system for making information available; provides procedure for education and service agencies to request automatic notifications.
    19.2-390.1, .2 Amends sex offender registration laws to include attempts and other technical amendments
Washington Ch. 242 9A.44.040(1)(c) Increases penalty for rape where victim is made unconscious
  Ch. 138 40.24.010 Includes victims of sexual assault in states address confidentiality program
  Ch. 290 69.50.401 Adds date rape drug flunitrazepam to controlled substances listing
West Virginia H.B. 2817 48-2A-2 (b) Adds persons dating or who have dated to domestic violence coverage
    48-2A-3 Provides for presumption for full faith and credit and for enforcement without registration in state registry
    48-2A-4 (a)(3) Authorizes issuance of protective order in favor of person reporting or a witness to domestic violence
    48-2A-4 (e) Provides for automatic waiver of filing fees or other related fees
    48-2A-6 (10), (11) Provides for issuance of order against possession of firearm as part of protective order
    48-2A-14 (e) Requires police to seize all weapons involved in domestic violence incident and authorizes seizure any other weapons in plain sight
  S.B. 158 48-2C-4a Local advisory councils on domestic violence authorized
West Virginia continued   49-2C-4b State public health plan for reducing domestic violence required
    49-2C-10a Victims to be provided notice of rights and services available to be provided by health care facilities and practitioners
    48-2C-13a Bureau for Public Health shall issue model standards for health care facilities and practitioners
    48-2C-13b Family Protective Services Board shall propose rules setting minimum standards for program providerss
    48-2C-16 Required continuing education in domestic violence for state employees providing protective services to children, elderly, family support etc.
    48-2C-17 Requires entry training for law enforcement officers in domestic violence
    48-2C-18 Requires continuing education courses on domestic violence for court personnel
    48-2C-19 Requires curricula for public education to be developed
    48-2C-20 Continuing education for school personnel required to report child abuse
    61-8F-2a Court to determine at sentencing sexually violent predators
    61-8F-2b Sex Offender Registration Advisory Board created to assist courts in making determinations about sexually violent predator
Wisconsin Act 130 301.45 (1m) Creates exemption from sexual offender registration law for youthful offenders under age 19 who prove absence of necessity of registration in interests of public protection
  Act 143 940.201; 940.43(1); 943.011; 943.017 (2m) Creates new crime of battery or threat to witness or family of witness as Class D felony
  Act 280 20.435 (3)(c) Creates pilot rape prosecution program and appropriates $183,700 for FY 1998-99
  Act 275 939.615; 971.17 (1J); 973.125 Authorizes lifetime supervision of convicted serious sex offenders
Wyoming Act 31 9-1-636 et seq Creates Division of Victim Services in Office of Attorney General, combining Office of Family Violence and Sexual Assault with Crime Victim Compensation Commission
    6-2-309 Amends authorization for state payment of medical exam costs for sexual assault victims

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