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We are building this page to reflect activities in corrections. Generally, we have not repeated the materials that can be found in listings for the Office of Justice Programs (DOJ) agencies such as NIJ, BJA, BJS, and OJJDP. Most of their materials are kept directly on their Web sites or by NCJRS and can be found in our links to the U.S. Department of Justice. If you know of other sites on the Internet related to correctional programming, please let us know by sending the URL's to .

Correctional Systems

Correctional Industries

Research, Information, and Opinions on Corrections

(Also check the Department of Justice resources at the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) or NCJRS for other Office of Justice Program agencies; or check the National Criminal Justice Archives for collected data from previous DOJ research projects.)

Community Corrections

(Also see our linked sources on Substance Abuse, Victims, and Other Issues for related support programming.)

Commentary and Support Pages


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