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30th Annual ASCLD Workshop and Symposium

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ASCLD Workshop and Symposium
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October 27, 2023 ( Select only one.)


October 28, 2023

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*Guest Registration is available to anyone accompanying a registered member.

Workshop and Symposium Fees

Checks or purchase orders, made payable to ILJ, may be mailed (ILJ 1018 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314) or may be given on-site. To pay by credit card, print the faxable form and return to ILJ at 703-739-5533.


For additional information, contact ILJ at 703-684-5300 ([phone), 703-739-5533 (fax) or


The 30th Annual ASCLD Workshop and Symposium is a contract managed by the Institute for Law and Justice.