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About ILJ

The Institute for Law and Justice (ILJ) is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to consulting, research, and training in criminal justice. Since 1979, ILJ has served more than 600 clients, including cities, counties, states, federal agencies, associations, foundations, and private industry. Our mission is to bring the best of criminal justice research and service to the field.

The ILJ professional staff bring high academic credentials and field experience to every job. Our services are custom-tailored to meet local needs and operating environments and to address the management concerns of the 1990s and beyond. Some of the ILJ specialty areas are:


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Police Management and Operations

ILJ has worked with over 200 law enforcement agencies in 45 states, and has conducted more than 50 comprehensive police management and operations studies. These studies include assessments in


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Community Policing Development and Training

(This picture was copied from the Chicago Community Policing Page. Please visit their web page.)

Many jurisdictions have made a commitment to a community policing philosophy but need specialized assistance and training. ILJ uses experienced staff to develop strategic plans for community policing and to deliver hands-on training for police officers and supervisors, other agencies, and community residents. Course offerings include Community Policing in Public Housing, Community Policing for Police Supervisors, Community Policing in Small and Rural Jurisdictions, and others.


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Corrections Planning and Management

(This picture of Alcatraz was borrowed from the Internet address of Dr. Cecil Greek. Visit his web page for a good list of criminal justice references.)

ILJ staff have conducted over 50 corrections department and jail evaluations and consulting projects for local, state, and federal agencies. Services include organization and fiscal review of correctional industries, economic analysis for corrections departments, and correctional education reviews. Other services include:


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Courts and Prosecution

ILJ staff have assisted prosecutors and courts for more than 12 years. Projects have ranged from a large-scale study of court organization in the United States, to a more precise study of criminal case processing techniques in several states. Consulting and evaluation services are available on criminal case processing techniques, court consolidation and centralization, cost impact of sentencing standards on court systems, impact of sentencing guidelines on incarceration, and other issues.


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Correctional Options and Intermediate Sanctions Training

Both from the point of view of protecting the public interest and that of achieving improved offender outcomes, many jurisdictions are assembling alternative sentencing structures that can satisfy a range of punishment and rehabilitation goals.

ILJ instructors, together with co-hosting organizations such as the Crime and Justice Foundation of Massachusetts, the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Ohio Community Corrections Institute, the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Council of Governments, and Multnomah County Sheriff's Department, have provided training and technical assistance on subjects such as:


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