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ILJ is currently developing two series of classes. The first one is part of a project for the U.S. Department of Justice’s COPS Office, and is presently only available to COPS MORE grantees. The second is a series of Crime Mapping classes. The latter is targeted to practitioners and researchers interested or involved in GIS and mapping for criminal justice.

COPS MORE Classes:

1.Strategic Planning for Information Technology

     A.  Will Cover:
  • Planning and implementing technology to support COP
  • Understanding who should participate in the planning process
  • Developing outcomes based on strategic planning for IT
    B. Date and Time:   August 7 or August 21 at 1 pm – 3 pm Eastern Time

2.  Project Planning for Information Technology Acquisition

    A. Will Cover:
  • Understanding the project planning process
  • Highlights of a police department’s experience in IT project planning
  • Developing a project plan
    B. Date and Time:   August 9 or August 23 at 1 pm – 3 pm Eastern Time

3.  Information Technology Project Management

    A. Will Cover:
  • Importance of and techniques for successful project management
  • Understanding the issues of staffing, organizational ownership, communication, budget, and risk management
  • Project management tools
    B. Date and Time:   August 11 or August 25 at 1 pm – 3 pm Eastern Time

Crime Mapping Classes:

1.  What is Crime Mapping?

    A. Will Cover:
  • Basic concepts of GIS and crime mapping
  • Resources for crime mapping
  • Common criminal justice applications
    B. Date and Time:To Be Announced

2.  Mapping for Community Policing and Problem Solving

    A. Will Cover:
  • Understanding COPPS and crime mapping
  • Applying GIS to COPPS
    B. Date and Time:To Be Announced

3. GIS Applications for Criminal Justice

    A. Will Cover:
  • In-depth look at uses of GIS in criminal justice
  • Regional crime mapping
  • Internet crime mapping
    B. Date and Time:To Be Announced

4.  GIS Analysis

    A. Will Cover:
  • Various GIS analysis concepts
  • Applying GIS to crime analysis
    B. Date and Time:To Be Announced

5.  Integrating GIS into your Law Enforcement Agency

    A. Will Cover:
  • Planning for GIS implementation
  • Identify agency needs
  • Preparing your organization for GIS
    B. Date and Time:To Be Announced


For further information about material on this page, please contact Randall Guynes or Julie Wartell at ILJ.

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