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The ILJ campus uses Interwise state-of-the-art Internet-based distance learning.   With this software, ILJ can hold interactive classes and discussions with people from all over the world. The program works with any Internet browser, and student participants can be connected via a range of modems or higher speed connections. The classes are live – the instructor and students are all on-line at the same time. Class size is limited to 30, but often classes will be smaller (15-20) to encourage more interaction.

Classes and discussions are centered around a visual slide presentation, but are supplemented with a variety of exciting tools and functions. Some of these tools and functions include:

  • Students ability to "raise their hands" to ask questions and write notes
  • Instructor’s ability to talk privately with one student or with the whole class
  • Capability to give written surveys and tests throughout the class
  • Capability to stream live or recorded audio and video as part of the class
  • Capacity to share an application that is on the instructor’s computer (e.g., within the class, instructor can allow students to use a mapping or spreadsheet application)
  • White board (with multi-colors, shapes, and text)
  • Access to the entire Internet within the "class"

The classes operate the same as if you were in a live classroom.  The only difference is that you are not physically in the same room.

Registration and Class Preparation

You must register as a student at ILJ first, and then sign up for a particular course (see the "How to Register" in the side bar).  After you are registered as a student and signed up in a class, the ILJ server will automatically push the necessary materials to your computer whenever you are on the Internet.  The result is a speedy and clear presentation of the class during class time.

For further information about material on this page, please contact Randall Guynes at ILJ.

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