J. Thomas McEwen

Dr. J. Thomas McEwen has more than 30 years experience in criminal justice and is a nationally recognized expert in quantitative analysis applied to law enforcement. Dr. McEwen provides expert consultation in evaluation techniques, crime mapping, staffing and resource allocation, management information systems, community policing, and computer crime. He has directed numerous national evaluations and assessments for the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, on such topics as police acquisition of technology, differential police response, community policing, police use of less than lethal weapons, gang crime prosecution, and criminal justice modelling. He has also directed or participated in more than 35 police management studies. Dr. McEwen has worked with the research and planning divisions of the St. Louis, Memphis, and Washington DC police departments and has published numerous reports and journal articles. He has a Master's degree in Statistics and a Ph.D. in Mathematics. (tmcewen@ilj.org)