Washington County, Oregon, Jail Master Plan

The Washington County Master Plan is a complete study of criminal justice control and facility needs for the county. After many years of carefully managing an old jail under court order, the county sought to plan for a correctional system that would minimize the growth of operating costs while providing adequate correctional space for the years to come. ILJ was responsible for the projection through the year 2010 of the total population under control. A statistical projection model was used to estimate the total population under control, both pretrial and post-trial. The projection model is based upon Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet and can be continually updated over time. The CJSSIM model, also developed by ILJ, is used to simulate the entire criminal justice decisionmaking system. The combination of these two models assists the county executive committee to select among alternative long-term plans for managing criminal accused and offenders. This long-term plan helps architects to plan facilities and programming to best fit the long-term needs of the community as defined by the executive committee.