Greater Greenspoint Management District (Houston, Texas)
Law Enforcement and Security Study

The Greater Greenspoint Management District (GGMD), a special taxation district in Houston, Texas, contracted with the Institute for Law and Justice (ILJ) in June 1999 to assess the districts public safety and security services. The primary aims of the study were to (1) determine the adequacy of current public safety operations, including contracted services, (2) conduct a district-wide public safety and physical security audit, (3) identify the concerns and expectations of the districts stakeholders and customers, (4) survey similar districts nationally, and (5) develop a strategic public safety plan.

ILJs comprehensive final report to the GGMD in October 1999 recommended ways to strengthen relationships with the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriffs Department; establish a new crime control and prevention unit; improve communications; promote the districts use of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED); heighten security; refine the staffing levels and responsibilities of contract deputies; boost community policing efforts; and market the GGMDs public safety and quality of life improvements.